Sektion 9
( 2010 – 2013 )

with Mark Sengstbratl

Sektion 9 is the name of a collection of garden plots in Linz on the Danube, Austria, and is simultaneously the name-giving title of a photographic series by Martin Essl and Mark Sengstbratl. The two Austrian artists reacted to this habitat in a project-based collaboration and combined their respective approaches in a shared visual form. The collaboration’s specific form has now given rise to a photographic essay, in which meets the calm and sensitive gazes of two artists. In this series, the phenomenon of garden plots lately to be found in many cities is presented, on the one hand, as the sum of a community’s individual approaches to the theme of a private and very personal situation. On the other hand, the photographic project encounters, at a specific location, the diverse ways in which individuals construct reality. (Martin Hochleitner)